Privacy Policy

You know, as business owners we are always trying to make the most out of homeowners by giving them a great customer experience. We are always trying to make a difference in their lives by making products and delivering a good service to all of our neighbors. The local community is something that we are always proud to be a part of, and one thing that we could not forget to consider is the safety of our users especially online. Disagree conversation going on nowadays about privacy and its policies. The government seems to have ahold and anything and everything regarding safety and privacy. Our website is completely safe and secure and we want to make sure that our visitors and all the online users of Biz Fox Radio can’t completely visit, navigate, and search any information they feel the need to, knowing that their information is always safe with us.

We want you to know that your information is always secure in our website, and we will never:

  • Sell your information to third-party users or companies.
  • We will never share any information, without your consent.
  • On our website safety always comes first.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our privacy policy, we want you to know that this information can be found on this website or you can visit our contact page and get in touch with us.